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An Easter Spring Greeting

Hello friends! There is something so special about all the pastels at Easter that I just love. There are so many gorgeous spring flowers to plant, and I love filling my garden with hyacinths, daffodils, and tulips of all colors. I fill my garden with yellow, purple, pink, red, and white spring flowers.  I just can’t get enough flowers in the spring.  One of my favorite places to be in the spring is in a garden store picking out more spring flowers!

How are you greeting your neighbors and family this Easter? It can be difficult getting into the Easter spirit when it is still cold and rainy outside. I’m an inpatient gardener, and I want to see color right away. It can be a very long winter where I live, so I ended up purchasing some artificial flowers to do two flower displays. Yes, you can bring spring to your porch and neighborhood before the flowers bloom! Here is what I tried this spring for my Easter porch decorations.

Easter Porch Display

I want to tell you this is easier than it looks, and you can easily find flowers which are 50 percent off. This will be affordable and fun to do on a rainy day! Hop on over to Hobby Lobby or Michaels when they have their flowers half off, and try this! These are easy porch flower displays that anyone can do. Just grab a pot you already have, fill it with rocks to hold it down, fill it with green foam, and then arrange it with the flowers that you love for a festive spring flower arrangement.  Also, don’t forget to put more rocks on top of the foam after your flowers are placed into the arrangement.  This will keep your flowers stable and give it a more natural look. It will brighten your spirit and those that pass by your home or visit during the early spring months.

I would recommend that you really fill these planters with large rocks so that when your April showers and gusty winds come, they won’t go anywhere! I have never done an artificial flower arrangement on my porch before, but so far they have held up in the high wind with no issues. I haven’t lost any of my flowers yet either!

This is a win, and I will definitely try other flower arrangements on my porch as the seasons change. I also found these foam eggs at Michaels for a garland going around the doorway, and I appreciate how they don’t make a banging noise in the wind since they are made of foam. Whatever garland you choose, make sure it is not going to make too much noise when the wind gusts come. Use foam over plastic or wood!

Easter Bunny Crossing Activity

Next, spread more Easter cheer to your neighbors by trying out this fun Easter bunny crossing activity. I’ll attach the free printables I used  as well as the silly Easter jokes. I put an announcement out to our community so they knew what to expect with the directions as well.

I found my Easter bin at Hobby Lobby then filled it with artificial grass on the bottom, an Easter crossing sign, ladders, carrots, eggs, and the bunny paw prints. I put the directions inside of the bunny bag. The only issue I had was that the paw prints kept blowing away on the porch steps, so I put rocks on top of them. Overall, I think it was a special activity for the kids in the neighborhood and built more community among the families. Enjoy!

You’ve Been Egged Printables

Silly Easter Jokes


Spring Tablescapes and Easter Candy Centerpieces

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittensBrown paper packages tied up with stringsThese are a few of my favorite things”

-Oscar Hammerstein/Richard Rodgers

What are a few of your favorite things this spring? Some of my favorite things I am trying out this spring are gorgeous spring tablescapes, hanging centerpieces, Easter candy centerpieces, and playful floral drinks.

Try a Hanging Centerpiece

So you want to try a hanging centerpiece? I have no floral background just an open mind for trying new creative ideas, so don’t feel overwhelmed by this concept.  I think the idea of a hanging centerpiece can feel a little strange when not seen in the context of a wedding, but why not make it more common in our homes? If you like to create or host, I think this is something that is worth exploring more and trying out!

This is my first try with these.  I found some flower garlands at Hobby Lobby that I thought would look well with my existing tablescape.  I just wanted to get it up there and make it simple, so I used string to tie them to the bottom of my light. This was a simple one. Definitely try it and let me know how it goes. I use the battery operated candles, so I can create a romantic mood around the flowers without any chance for a fire. I linked the ones I used below in case you are interested in trying those out.

I will continue to experiment with these and share more as time goes on.  Feel free to follow me on Instagram for more tablescape ideas!

Experiment with Easter Candy Centerpieces

What is your favorite Easter candy? I decided I would try out these Easter candy centerpieces. I purchased a larger and smaller hurricane glass vase at Target. They were a lot of fun to do!

For my first Easter candy centerpiece, I used colorful bright jelly beans, yellow peeps, and various shades of pink for my flowers.  My family stared at this centerpiece, hoping they could eat all of these jelly beans!  I quickly took it apart a week later so we could enjoy the jelly beans.  This candy centerpiece makes you hungry! You will have lots of extra Easter candy after doing this centerpiece. For my second one, I will add varying heights of flowers!

The second candy centerpiece I tried out was using pastel jelly beans, birthday cake bird peeps, and marshmallow bunnies.  This time I brought in pastel yellow and sea green flowers to match my island. I also incorporated varying heights of flowers. This candy centerpiece felt more elegant and soft. For the next one, I will try adding in some chocolate bunnies!

For my final Easter candy centerpiece idea, I decided to try out some shades of purple with white blooms. This felt right as I was looking through flowers at Hobby Lobby. I found these chocolate bunnies and purple peeps; however, I discovered that there aren’t many purple jelly beans in those jelly bean packages! I must have went through 6 packages of jelly beans just to get the purple I found here. Next time, I will definitely have to order the Jelly Belly purple jelly beans from Amazon instead of digging through the traditional jelly beans from the store. Lesson learned!

If you are going to try out these candy centerpieces, keep the bunny or bird peeps toward the top since they tend to get squished by the other candy. Also, it may be best to just order the candy you want on Amazon since the Easter candy seems to always be picked over at the stores. I was able to get most of my flowers half off at Hobby Lobby! Definitely keep an eye out for when Michaels or Hobby Lobby are having their sale on flowers.

Try a Floral Drink

These rose molds look beautiful, and they will work great for any hosting you will be doing this spring.  I created a video on how to make these rose molds on my Instagram page in case you need step by step directions.  You will want to make sure that you fill the rose mold completely using a funnel before freezing.  I used strawberry lemonade which my son loved! You can float these rose beauties in Sprite, pineapple juice, or whatever you want! I’ll link them below if you want to try them out.

Create a Beautiful Spring Tablescape

There are so many gorgeous and creative tablescapes, and I appreciate all of them.  Here is my latest spring tablescape that uses white daffodils, candles, some Easter bunnies, and a mix of white, purple, and yellow flowers. I can’t get over these faux flowers which are so breathtaking. I also appreciate how these candles are battery operated and look realistic.

Make Conversations a Priority

Conversations around beautiful tablescapes? Yes, please!

Tablescapes can be so beautiful; however, when setting up our tablescapes, lets not forget about scheduling intentional conversations with those we love. At Getting Creative With Carolyn, we can create beautiful tablescapes, but they won’t mean anything without meaningful conversation around the table.  Unfortunately, it is so easy to overschedule our lives until we don’t have those conversations. We blame it on our activities and schedules. It doesn’t have to be this way. Carve out time to talk to your loved ones around those beautiful tables you decorated.

Let me help you.  These conversation cards have been used for years now around our table.  Sometimes, we just don’t know what to talk about it.  I like how these cards are broken up into 6 colored categories with more than enough questions to last you years and years: Hopes and Dreams, Reflection, Emotional Intelligence, Likes/Dislikes, Self-Expression, and Random. I especially appreciate the emotional intelligence category. You can create this intentional time.  Let it be one of your favorite things.

What new decorating ideas are you trying out this spring in your home? I’d love to hear from you and see your spring decor ideas.  Happy decorating!

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Event Planning

Lego Party Ideas

Hello friend! Are you planning a Lego party or looking for Lego challenge ideas?  At Getting Creative with Carolyn, we just threw a Lego party for our son for the first time, and it turned out great. The kids had a blast, and many did not want to leave the party. It was a nice afternoon building Legos and having a good time.

So what did we use for our Lego party? We ended up using the Legos we already had and purchased Lego kits.  We ended up having more than enough Legos and Lego activities for around 25 kids.  I’ll post all the items we purchased at the very bottom of this article in case you want to try any of them out. I used Canva to make these table labels.

I hope this article is helpful to you in planning your Lego party.


Table 1

At table 1, we set up the Lego Chain Reaction and Lego Gadget kits.  I’ll link these below.  I purchased three of each, and the kids enjoyed putting these together! All you need to do is put it on the table and let the kids have some fun. Everything you need is in the kit already for you, so it makes this activity much easier to set up. These are enjoyable kits for kids in elementary school.

Table 2

This was by far our most favorite activity since we were able to build a racetrack and quickly set it up at the party.  (see directions below) The kids were able to build their race car that they thought would go the fastest then race their Lego cars with each other.  It was fun seeing which car would go the fastest and watching the kids play. This is definitely an activity that you don’t want to skip. It gets the kids building and also playing with their builds!

Lego Racetrack Directions

  1. Get an 8′ x 4′  piece of 1/4 inch sheet wood from Lowes.  Have Lowes cut it there for you in half. Also, get five 8′ long 1″x 2″s and have Lowes cut those in half. Put the pieces together using screws and wood glue.
  2. Paint and let dry.
  3. Use hairpin folding legs so it can stand up. We used the 17 1/2 inch ones. Screw them in with 1/4 inch screws. I’ll link this at the bottom if you need help finding these hairpin folding legs.
  4. Use sticker numbers 1-8, stand up, and you are ready to race!

Note: I don’t think we spent more than 35 dollars of this project.

Table 3

We wanted to have more of a free play area for kids to build whatever they wanted to, so we made this little spinner with paper and Legos and my son put it together.  The kids enjoyed spinning it and building the item that the arrow landed on.

Table 4

Because I knew that not every kid would want to build Legos the entire time, I set up a space for a STEM activity with straws and connectors.  The kids ended up building cars with wheels from this as well and raced them down the racetrack.  This was a lot of fun and definitely something I would recommend that you include even though it’s not a Lego.

Table 5

I knew that we would have kids who also would want to build different types of Legos, so I included the Lego cupcakes.  This was festive for the party plus kids were able to take their Lego cupcake home with them.  The glasses were fun favors they could also take home with them after building.  There were smaller pieces they could put on their Lego glasses as well to make it the style they wanted.

At this table, I also wanted to set up a drawing/coloring activity for kids who wanted to draw their own Lego mini-figure.  Not as many kids did this activity though since I think they wanted to try the other ones. I still think it was a fun activity to try out since not every child may want to build the entire time. We did find that most kids were building most of the party.

DIY Lego Decor

Have your child build some of the Lego decor! My son made the Lego birthday cake, the Lego napkin holder, and the number a week or two in advance.

Use what you already have! We really didn’t do anything too fancy for the party decor since we wanted to focus more on the Lego challenges.  I just stacked his Lego storage bin top on the table with the Lego symbol showing.

Do an easy centerpiece idea! Fill those glass vases with Legos.  It is a Lego party after all.  I didn’t have enough time to set up a fancy centerpiece, so I just put Lego gummies, Lego mini-figures, and those fun Wikki Stix to play with for the centerpiece. I also put Legos in a container for the kids to play with while they were eating.

Save some money! Just get a balloon garland, a photo backdrop, some Lego popcorn boxes, and some Lego straws.  I’ll link these below.


Lego Desserts

Does you child prefer icecream over cake? Just get those Lego molds and make whatever you want with them! We made milk chocolate and white chocolate from our Lego molds.  We ended up buying the Lego gummy blocks.  The kids enjoyed making their own sundae using the Lego gummy blocks and the Lego chocolate.


Other Activity Ideas

We decided to not bring these 2 activities to the party since we already had enough planned, but here are 2 other ideas you could try out!

Lego Flowers Bouquet Activity

You could have an area for the kids to build Lego flowers then the flowers could be given to the moms at the end of the party.  This may be a nice idea for a mother/son activity that the moms would find special.

Lego Zipline Racing Activity

Set up a Lego zipline and watch the Lego mini-figures fly down that zipline!  We made ours with dental floss, and I had my son build it 2 weeks in advance.  I wish we would have brought this one to the party, but we didn’t have enough time to set this one up with the balloon garland and other activities we were setting up.  If you want to try this one out, set up 2 of them then race! Find step-by-step directions in setting this one up HERE and do it in advance so they are ready to go. It is easier to make then it looks.

Thanks for stopping today at Getting Creative With Carolyn. I hope that you are able to try some of these ideas and have a great time with friends and family. It is going to turn out great because the kids will have a blast! Let me know if you try out any of these ideas and how it turns out.

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Color Your Home With the Promise of Spring

At Getting Creative With Carolyn, we are reflecting on the meaning of spring and rebirth.  We are reflecting on new beginnings and fresh starts.

I don’t know about you, but I’m grateful that I live in a world that promises me many springs. I’m grateful for fresh starts and new chapters unfolding. I’m grateful that beauty still grows even in a dark and cold world and that a single flower can still grow up even in concrete.

It Will Be Alright

“Here comes the sun, and I say it’s alright.”

After a long and cold winter, the green leaves will start to emerge, and spring will come again.  What was dead will come back to life.  What lay dormant will emerge.  The ice will slowly melt, the birds will sing again, and those beautiful flowers will come back even brighter and more lovely. It may not be the same, but it will be better. It will be alright, and spring will come again.

Beauty and Hope Will Grow Again

“Sun…sun…sun…here it comes…”

So we hold on to hope.  We hold on to beauty.  We hold on to the promise of spring and new life. We hold on to the idea of rebirth.  We see chapters ending in our life, but we also see that there is something even better waiting for us.

It’s fascinating to see the world coming alive with the colors of spring. Everything that was dormant comes to life again. We can feel this rebirth in our spirits as we anticipate spring. I’ve been drawn to wildflowers more and more over the years. It is the way they spring up even in a messy environment that inspires me to see how beauty and hope will grow despite a chaotic world surrounding it.

Here Comes the Sun

At Getting Creative With Carolyn, we are grateful for the warmth of new dreams and loved ones.  We reflect with gratitude on the promise of spring in our own life. We smile at the promise of new life, fresh starts, and new chapters waiting to unfold in our life.

We are coloring our home with the promise of spring with energizing pops of yellow.

Let Your Heart Smile Again

We don’t always get our happily ever after the way we think it will happen.  Life doesn’t always turn out the way we expect it to, but we can let our heart smile again. Just when we think the winter will never end, we see a host of golden daffodils—the first splash of color after a gray winter.

Let some sunshine into your home with some flowers that make your heart happy.  Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers.  Go out and fill your home with flowers that make your heart smile.


Appreciate the Little Things

We are grateful for the promise of spring especially after many cold, dark, and rainy days. We look forward to the flowers blossoming, the first butterflies, the warmth of the sunshine, and the orchestra of birds.  We appreciate the little things, and we anticipate the cherry blossom emerging.


Reenergize With Loved Ones

I am grateful that when we have a death of a dream in our life that beauty is still whispering our name, calling us to take its hand, get up, and find that there may be a better dream that we were not expecting in the next chapter of our life.

Those tables and couches that you beautifully decorated—use them each week to connect and reconnect with loved ones.

Recharge. Refresh. Your new beginning is waiting.

Before daylight savings arrives, bring your own sunshine into your home. Let the promise of spring bring you a renewed sense of purpose and hope.


Making Your Primary Bedroom a Peaceful Retreat

It’s time to take charge of your alone time and make it a priority to rest in your home. In order to give your best, you need to have that peaceful retreat in your primary bedroom away from it all where you can truly rest, relax, and recharge. There is nothing wrong with having a, “Do Not Wake Mommy” sign on your door. Rest is so important in our lives.

What does a peaceful retreat look like to you?  Take a minute and think about it. If you need to, make a list of things that bring you peace. You can create more of a comforting oasis in your primary bedroom with just a few small changes. I want to show you some ideas for how you can make this happen this month in your home.

For some reason, the primary bedroom is often the room we neglect and don’t prioritize. Regardless of what life season you are in right now, honor your alone time and make this space in your home a sanctuary for yourself where you can reflect, practice gratitude, and decompress after a long day. Your primary bedroom can feel more like a comforting oasis to you with just a few changes.

Note: Before you start with decorating this space, you must first declutter.  If you don’t love it, then give it away to someone who will.  If it is broken, then throw it out.  If everything is all over the place and you need it in this space, find furniture pieces to contain it.  After you are done removing the clutter from your bedroom, think carefully about each item you are adding back into it.  Ask yourself if it brings you relaxation. If it does, keep it. Remember, the goal is to create a peaceful retreat for yourself.

Here are a few changes I did to my primary bedroom to help me create more of a peaceful retreat.

1. Calming Color Palette

Often, people make their bedrooms darker and more moodier.  If that’s more your style, then go for it.  For us, we enjoy more of a light and airy look to our primary bedroom.  We have done a coastal palette of paint colors in our home reflecting our love for the beach. We needed to pull in some contrast, so we decided to have the tray ceiling painted a lighter blue-gray color. This airy, serene, and peaceful tradewind paint color by Sherwin Williams brings the ocean breeze home. At night, the candles flicker on the ceiling making it feel more like water.



2. Feature Wall

We decided to not do a feature wall in our primary bedroom due to our tray ceiling. If you don’t have a tray ceiling, try a feature wall. There are so many creative ideas with these. Check out my Pinterest board for more feature wall ideas.

3. Inspiring Books

If you have been wanting to read more, pull in some of those books you haven’t finished yet into this space. I enjoy having a few inspiring books to read in my bedroom. You can pull a few from your bookshelves, and make it more of a priority each evening.

4. Candlelight

Reading in your bedroom by candlelight can be very calming, so get those flameless flickering candles that wave back and forth. Just put batteries in them and relax by candlelight each evening before bed. I currently have 4 candles in my bedroom. This makes a huge difference in our bedroom.  I thought they wouldn’t last very long with the batteries, but so far they have lasted months without it needing to be changed out!

5. Plants/Greenery

I like to add in faux palm leaf plants for that coastal feel.  I usually get faux ones from Home Goods.

6. Natural Elements

Think of bamboo, wood, and other natural elements to bring into the room. We are enjoying these lights and bamboo candle holders from Home Goods.

7. Extra Pillows/Soft Throw Blanket

It really makes your bed feel more special when you layer in additional pillows and a soft throw blanket on your bed. Of course, you could also update those sheets, mattress pad, and comforter if it’s time for an updated look and feel. Make this a priority if you haven’t lately.  You will sleep better!

8. Inspirational Wall Art Sayings

What inspires you? Bring those sayings into your primary bedroom.  Reflect on them each day when you wake up and before you go to bed.

9. Peaceful Artwork

What brings you calm? Is it a waterfall, a beach, the mountains, a stream, or a sunrise? Look for artwork that gives you a sense of calm for this space. You could bring this into your space in the form of a canvas, tapestry, mural, or photograph.

I hope some of these ideas are helpful to you as you finish planning your primary bedroom.  Whatever you choose to do in your primary bedroom, I hope that it helps to bring you more of a peaceful retreat where you can relax, unwind, and rest.


Pursuing Love In Our Homes

We can design the most beautiful homes, but if we don’t have love in our hearts and homes, does any of it matter? Pursuing love in our homes should be our most important priority.

How do we pursue love more in our homes?

It is time to replace the distractions in our life with more intentional time together. God can help us to replace our worry with trust, loneliness with love, and anxiety with peace in our homes. His love can heal our hearts and exchange unforgiveness for forgiveness, anger for kindness, and frustration for patience. We can create a home that is filled with love.

A house will never really be a home without love.

Today, I would like to share some ideas to inspire us to pursue love more in our homes.

Use Each Room For a Purpose: Connection

Think about the rooms in your home.  What rooms do you use the most in your home? How are you using those rooms to spend quality time with your loved ones?

Lets use our rooms and spaces in our home for connection.

For us, we use our music room to play music together, kitchen to bake together, game room to play games together, playroom to build Legos together, craft area to do crafts together, dining room to eat together, and backyard to play outside together.

It’s important that we try to spend more quality time together that is more intentional. This can be challenging when we are exhausted or need time to ourselves as well. Look at your monthly calendar and weekly schedule and try to carve out more experiences with loved ones which create more quality time together. Write those face to face quality times down in that calendar and go after them. Rest is a priority, but also make connection a top priority.

“Let all that you do be done in love.”1 Corinthians 16:14

Spend More Quality Time With Loved Ones

We can spend evenings and weekends together while not really being together. We can spend days together without really connecting. Just because we are home doesn’t always mean we are together or connecting. We can’t connect with a screen in front of us. We must disconnect from our screens so we can connect more with each other. We were created for connection and face to face time with our loved ones.

In our homes, this could look like baking together, playing music together, completing a craft project together, playing board games, sitting around the campfire in the backyard, having more meals together, reading together, or doing science experiments.

Whatever you choose for your quality time together, make it more special by focusing on your loved one’s love language.

Be Loving in Their Love Language

It’s easy to love each other the way we want to be loved. It takes a little more effort to love each other in the ways we need to be loved.

One of the best books I have read on the topic of love beside the Bible is The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  If you are looking for more specific ways to give love to your family in their love language, this is the book to read. There is also The Five Love Languages of Children and The Five Love Languages of Teenagers by the same author. These books will help to guide you more into pursuing love in your home.

These books show us practical ways that we can offer love in the form of words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service, or physical touch. You can be encouraging to your family on a daily basis and speak to their heart with their love language. Take the short quiz to find their love language and go from there! We enjoyed finding the love language of our son as well. You can also try the free Love Nudge app!

Reflect on Love

Love is the best decoration. Look for inspiring statements about love and hang them up in your home! Talk about these statements with your family. Hanging up love sayings can become great reminders to us in home to practice love. When we have disagreements or frustrations with each other, we can reflect back on these sayings in our home.

Here are a few other inspirational verses for you to reflect on with your family about love. Which ones do you want to hang up in your home?

“Love bears all things (regardless of what comes), believes all things (looking for the best in each one), hopes all things (remaining steadfast during difficult times), endures all things (without weakening).” 1 Corinthians 13:7 AMP

“And now there remain: faith (abiding trust in God and His promises), hope (confident expectation of eternal salvation), love (unselfish love for others growing out of God’s love for me), these three (the choicest graces); but the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13 AMP

“Beloved, let us (unselfishly) love and seek the best for one another, for love is from God; and everyone who loves (others) is born of God and knows God (through personal experience).” 1 John 4:7 AMP

“I have loved you just as the Father has loved me; remain in My love (and do not doubt My love for you).” John 15:9 AMP

“This (is what) I command you: that you love and unselfishly seek the best for one another.”

Celebrate Love in Your Home

I hosted a small Valentines Day party a few years ago for our family, and every year we have spent time making our own homemade Valentine’s Day cards. It takes more time to make homemade cards, but this is something you can start weeks in advance. We can celebrate our family on Valentine’s Day and throughout the year and build in those times together that we will always remember.

Thanks for following along! I hope that some of these ideas inspired you to fill your home with more love this season.

Grateful you are here,



Home With Carolyn

Linen Closet Simplified

The title of this article may make you laugh, especially if you have a large family.  I grew up in large family with five kids, so I know where you are coming from.  When we are told to live simply, it doesn’t always seem to be a very realistic expectation.  The laundry is always piling up, the linen closet does not have room for it all, and the clothes just pile up more and more on the closet floor.  Most homes do not have large enough laundry rooms, and then the linen closet becomes completely out of control.

Our linen closet definitely was overflowing with towels, comforters, and blankets. We only had one shelf in it for a year, so everything was packed into it in bins. This was not working, and we knew it. We just didn’t have the time to add more shelving with everything else we had to do during the first year of living in our new home. After we finished other more important projects in our home, we were ready to tackle our closets with some much needed extra shelving.

Maybe, you are ready to simplify your linen closet now that you have more time at home.  If so, here are a few easy ways to simplify your linen closet after you add the shelving you need into this space.

Note: I would recommend you have at least 3 or more shelves added into your linen closet if you don’t have them before beginning.  You could also put closed or open shelving into your laundry room for additional space.  This way, you have the space you need for your family. You may need 2 linen closets depending on your family size. 

1.Use Labeled Baskets

I enjoy using these baskets throughout my home since I am able to fit 4 on a shelf. They look nice and keep everything organized. I added them to the bottom of this post.  I also use these baskets in my bathroom closets. The labels can be used in both your bathroom and linen closet which is nice, so you don’t have to look for other labels elsewhere.  Those are also added to the bottom of this post.

2. Keep Each Shelf Consistent

Think of what works the best for your family.  You could give each family member their own shelf they are responsible for. For us, it made more sense to have our king sheets on the top shelf.  My son uses the queen sheets, so I put those on the second shelf. We seem to be constantly going through the hand towels and washcloths, so I put those on my third shelf.  We don’t use the beach towels, the extra hand towels, or the wash cloths as often. Because of this, I placed them on the ground in more baskets.  I also put in extra bath towels that were not needed in the bathroom closets here.

3. Give Yourself Room to Grow

Don’t forget to give yourself room to grow with some empty baskets.  You could do 16 baskets with 4 on each shelf if you needed to.  I would encourage you to take those bulky comforters  out of your linen closet if they are not fitting into it.  They never have worked in our linen closet. You could store those under your bed or your basement. This will give you the space you need to grow.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope that you are able to reorganize your linen closet and get the space you need out of it for your family.  If 1 linen closet is just not working for your family, add in more shelving in your laundry room or elsewhere.  I hope you can get the space you need out of your home so it can work better your family.


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Around Every Corner, Beauty Seeks Us Out

If there was no beauty in the world, there would be no hope.  If there was no hope in the world, there would be no purpose. If there was no purpose for life, there would be nothing worth living for. 

Most of the world is asleep to true beauty. We have been allured to sleep; some of us have lost our way. Masquerades of light appear so close to the real thing that it keeps us looking, but do you realize that we don’t just have to know beauty in bits and pieces?

We have an immense craving for beauty.  When we wake up in the morning, we feel it. Before we go to bed at night, we think about it.  We only know in part the beauty that we chase. You may catch glimpses of it in the sunrise as you drive to work or in the face of your child as they reach out to you.

Do you ever catch yourself gazing into the clouds, longing to touch a rainbow?  Do you ever wonder how many veins can possibly make up a leaf or how the shape of a mountain can form into its distinct shape? Do you ever sense that someone is calling your name?

I feel that someone is calling our name as women, and that it is beauty.  Around every corner, it seeks us out.

God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day. (Ps. 46:5)

In between every troubled relationship and difficult situation, it desires us to pursue it instead of a counterfeit beauty. Around the corners in our life, it is still there waiting for us to stop and appreciate it. It doesn’t shout, “Look at me!”. It doesn’t force us to hold its hand. Instead, it softly whispers, “Come spend time with me”. It has been waiting for us all along.

See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands… (Is. 49:16) 

As women, we long for beauty and relationship. It is my faith that tells me that God, the Maker of Beauty, created us to appreciate a deeper relationship with Him. Perhaps, we are meant to breathe in and out a beauty that invites, heals, and inspires others.

When I was younger, I found myself searching too for beauty out of the poverty of my spirit as a diver who was intently looking for treasure, but I believe now with all of my heart that the most fulfilling beauty comes from the one who made beauty itself- God.

So God created mankind in his own image… (Gen. 1:27)

It is this beauty which will transform, heal, invite, and inspire us.  It is this beauty that invites us to itself and lovingly wipes the tears from our eyes, drawing us out of our cocoons, and capturing us with its loveliness.  Beauty tells us that everything good or bad that has happened to us will work together for good. Beauty tells us to stop and rest awhile.  It reminds us of what really matters in the end: faith, hope, and love. Beauty uplifts us and takes us into a place of peace and rest in our hearts. It reminds us to put our treasures in things that will not fade away. It shows us that there is a different way to live our life, unhurried and undistracted. It reminds us of how things take time to grow.  It sings– even in the dead of winter. Beauty tells us that we are more valuable than we could ever realize–a masterpiece of God.

May we all know this beauty in our hearts and lives.

Home With Carolyn

Bathroom Organization for a Cleaner Look

Need a simpler and cleaner look for your bathroom without doing a bathroom remodel? Here are some quick changes you can add to your bathrooms right now so it feels more spa-like and relaxing. No matter the size of your bathrooms, these changes can be added at any time at a very low cost.

Here are some quick changes I made to our bathrooms which help to give it a simpler and cleaner look.

1. Try a Mouthwash Dispenser

I decided to try this, and I’m so glad I did. It gives a cleaner look, and keeps those large mouthwash containers off your sink plus you can do one for you and your partner since it takes up less space. This easy change has been a win for us.

2. Use a Soap and Lotion Dispenser

Don’t worry about unattractive soaps on your sink anymore that don’t match your bathroom or go with your look. Just fill these up every few weeks or months with your favorite soaps and lotions, and you are good to go! My husband and I have our own now so we can fill them up whenever we need to and use the soaps and lotions we prefer. Another win, and we don’t get in each other’s way.

3. Use Matching Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash Dispensers

Tired of the clutter of all of those shampoos, conditioners, and body washes taking up space in your shower? This was really starting to get cluttered for us. Just find ones you like. I’ll link these at the bottom for you as well. Just pour your favorite shampoos, conditioners, and body washes into these matching dispensers for a cleaner look. It’s also more practical since the pump is much easier to use. I like to mix different shampoos and conditioners together into the dispensers. These are larger too so you can put a lot into them and not have to worry about filling them up as much.

4. Use Labeled Storage Bins

If this makes life easier for you during those early mornings with work and kids, go for it. You will find what you need easier, and less clutter may help to decrease your worries.

5. Label Drawers for an Easy Bathroom Cart

This simplifies life and makes it easier to find bathroom items. I used these grey and white carts since we weren’t using them at the time anymore. I got them at Michaels. You could use anything though that fits your style. I added these to both our master bathroom, and our son’s bathroom. The labels are easy to put on, and they fit on each drawer nicely. There is also room to grow which is nice!

So what do you think you will do to your bathroom to give it a cleaner and simpler look? I hope some of these ideas were helpful to you as you seek to organize your bathroom space. Don’t give up, it will get there. I hope your bathroom will become a more relaxing space for you to unwind.

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Set Up a Dedicated Cleaning Closet

At Getting Creative With Carolyn, we are letting love into the messiest parts of our home. Today, I want to talk about something you may be wanting to set up in your home—a dedicated cleaning closet.

I’ll be honest. I don’t get excited for cleaning the house. I’d rather organize than clean any day! For me, I prefer to pay a cleaning company to come in and clean the house! Right? You may feel the same way. It’s easy to just throw our cleaning supplies under our kitchen sink or bathroom sinks until they pile up, and you forget where you put the Windex and the Magic Erasers.

This was me until I decided to turn one of my closets near my pantry into a dedicated cleaning closet. It was time. It was a mess under my kitchen sink and bathroom sinks even a few weeks after cleaning it because there was just not enough space. It was just not working anymore.

Here is what I did to set up my own dedicated cleaning closet in just four easy steps.

1. Choose a Closet

I chose to use our second coat closet near the pantry and mudroom for our dedicated cleaning closet. Some people don’t want to give this one up, but I am able to store our winter jackets in our basement then rotate the jackets when it’s time for warmer weather. Our closet is just a small one, but it works! Choose one that you are able to get into easily. There is not enough room here to put a pretty barn door on it, but that is okay!

2. Purchase Organizers and Labels

Choose organizers and labels that fit your style and space. I liked the ones with closed bamboo lids. You can check out the organizers and labels I used in my cleaning closet below.

3. Add in Extra Shelving

Our home had hardly any shelving in the closets, so we bought extra shelving, cut it to the correct length, and added extra shelving to this cleaning closet at a very low cost. It’s really frustrating how home builders put up houses so quickly, neglecting the shelving in the closets.

4. Use a Different Labeled Category for Each Shelf

At first, I was just sitting on the kitchen floor surrounded by cleaning supplies trying to figure out where to put what. As I was looking at our cleaning supplies, I realized I could just make each shelf a new category, so I did bathroom cleaning on my top shelf, kitchen cleaning on my second shelf, household cleaning on my third shelf, and then trash bags on my lower shelf with room to grow. Below that, I organized my ziplac baggies in a pull out drawer. I like how I have room to add more as time goes on as well. You can also put 2-3 empty carrying cubbies on the bottom of your cleaning closet so when it’s time to clean, it will be easy to pick up and go. This may also be a good space to hang a cleaning chore chart. On cleaning day, get the whole family involved! My son was obsessed with the vacuum and his Melissa and Doug cleaning toys when he was younger.

I hope you find these steps helpful and inspiring as you set up a dedicated cleaning closet in your home!  If you are still overwhelmed by cleaning, delegate more of the work to your family. Hopefully, cleaning will go more smoothly for you and your family as the months go on.

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Home Projects

5 Easy Steps To a Coastal Styled Kitchen

Like your kitchen, but it really isn’t your style? You can transform your kitchen look with just a few changes without doing a full kitchen remodel.

We decided to turn our modern farmhouse kitchen with grey and black finishes to a coastal styled kitchen.

Note: Before we even tackled these few small changes in the kitchen, we had shiplap added across the living room and into the kitchen.  Getting the shiplap done before these changes was important since it ties everything together and gives it that coastal feel.  If you want a coastal feel, definitely add in shiplap to your space first.


Before we changed our kitchen, it had black circular hardware, black glass pendants, white cabinets, all grey countertops, and a grey island. This modern farmhouse look is nice and I do enjoy the clean look of it; however, I enjoy more of the soothing blue colors with the look of rattan.


We decided to only make five key changes to our kitchen. This made it less costly, but still gave us the look we wanted at the end. I’m glad we made these key changes with our hardware, island, door, furniture and lights. I would like to change the flooring to a light white oak color as well, but that will have to wait.

Are you interested in changing the style of your kitchen without a full kitchen remodel? Follow these 5 easy steps for your kitchen.

1. Change Out Your Hardware

We decided to change our black circular knobs that were already in the home to a champagne gold handle. I enjoy this look and style better. Just that small change makes a difference. Shop around for hardware and get samples.  Hold it up on your cabinets and get the ones you like! It’s a small change that will make a difference.

We also added two floating shelves to keep with the footprint of the kitchen and a small bar cart to fit the current width of the wall space to keep it simple.

2. Change Your Island

We got rid of the island altogether and moved it to the basement for a future project possibly.  We ended up choosing a white countertop with touches of champagne gold in it. I wanted to wrap the island in shiplap as well and use the waterscape paint color by Sherwin Williams, so we had it custom made. This takes more time to design, but I feel like it was worth the wait.

3. Change Your Light Fixtures

I changed the black glass pendants to these rattan lights from Serena and Lily.  I appreciate the warmth they offer and reminds me of my time at Cape Cod. There are so many coastal styled lights to choose from, so you may want to pin some ideas and narrow it down.

4. Add a Barn Door

With all the white in our house and the shiplap in this space, I thought it would be nice to add a barn door in the waterscape paint color as well by Sherwin Williams.  This door leads to our basement, but you could do this on your pantry door.  There are so many choices for barn doors. I like the vertical lines on this door since it provides a contrast to the horizonal shiplap in the room.

5. Style With New Furniture

I discovered Serena and Lily one day when looking through coastal decor, and I absolutely loved it all.  It tends to run a little more expensive, but I was so happy with the look that I decided to save and make it happen. I’ll share the pieces I purchased below as well in case you want to check any of them out.  I really appreciate how these chairs just wipe off so easily even with spaghetti spills.

I hope this post inspired you and showed you that even just a few small changes can make a difference in your home. Feel free to check out my Pinterest page of ideas under coastal decor for more inspirational ideas!

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Try a Winter Refresh in Your Home

There is nothing quite like sitting around the fire during the winter and reading an inspiring book or going to the spa for a refreshing spa day.

When you are home though, do you feel refreshed or stressed out? Our homes often stress us out with laundry to do, dishes to wash, and undone projects to complete. Our kids and work often demand all of our energy we have, and we often miss the nostalgia of the holidays.

This is right when you can choose to do a quick winter refresh in your home.

Refresh Your Coffee Area

When was the last time you sipped your coffee? I know we are often running here or there, and we don’t always have the time to sit down and enjoy our coffee.  I don’t know about you, but I think it is time we all enjoy our coffee area more. Also, sip your coffee and slow down. Enjoy your home more.  I added an Aura photo frame to this area, some small decor touches, and some pops of dusty pink.

Whatever season you are right now in life whether your kids are home or gone to college, you can stay at home and feel more inspired in your space.

Make It Personal

I think your winter refresh should be personal to you. If there is a color right now that is inspiring you, a quote that speaks to you, or a canvas that you are drawn to, then that may be your winter refresh idea.

For me, I want to remind myself during these remaining winter months of what love is, so I decided to reflect that also in my home decor. It is easy to feel uninspired during the winter, so make your home your resting place where you can feel inspired.

Choose a Pop of Color

I decided after taking down all of the Christmas lights and decorations to just put up small pops of light dusty pink in our living room, dining room, and kitchen. My husband and I used this light dusty pink color in our wedding as well so it has more sentimental value. It also brings me calm and rest. Choose a color that helps you to relax and feel inspired.

Leave Some Lights Up

None of us want to take down our Christmas lights. They bring a sense of warmth and a cozy feel to our homes during winter. Don’t take all of them down. Leave up the small sparkly lights around your lamps and/or fireplace. Also, leave up battery operated candles with the flames that go back and forth. This brings warmth to your home.

Refresh With Throw Pillows

You can easily find a few pillows that match the color you choose. They will give your space a new feel for less. I got my throw pillows at Home Goods. I especially appreciate the pillows that say, “above all else, love” and “love never fails”.

Don’t Forget the Flowers

Fresh flowers are always nice, but you can also do ones in the color choice you decide. I found these rose decorations at Home Goods and thought they looked so sweet. I also found heart plates with flowers on them.

I also hung a flower wreath on our barn door for another pop of color.

Make It Simple

I didn’t spend much on my winter refresh. I used mostly gift cards I received, so it was a very affordable winter refresh!

What are you thinking of doing for your winter refresh? I’d love to hear your winter refresh idea!

Remember, you don’t have to always leave your home to be inspired and refreshed. You can be refreshed right where you are in your home.

Let’s stay home more.