Integrity devotional released!
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Integrity: The Best Color We Didn’t Miss Out On

Come along with me in this 7 week Christian devotional as I share ways that we can cultivate more integrity in our lives.

It is integrity that still soars when everything else has forgotten to fly. It is integrity that still sings when the music stops. It is integrity that has so much to say about love and healing. It tells us that there is another way to live our life, and it brings others to share along in its purpose of joy.

When everything else ends and there is nothing left, integrity has more to offer. It never stops giving because it is life-giving.

Practicing honesty, remaining loyal, keeping our word, giving respect, living out our values, and making the right choices seem to be a wonderful way for us to live our lives. However, we don’t always live our lives as a mirror, reflecting our deepest values. We fall short and make mistakes. We miss opportunities, and we don’t always know if we are doing the right thing for our life or families. We don’t always seem to know how to live our life with integrity.

No matter how we look at it, we only get one chance to live this life, so I think it is time for us to start valuing integrity more in our homes and families. This is essential for us in living a life with no regrets.

Thanks for coming along in this journey.