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I am currently offering services in the following items on a part-time basis:


Home Styling

-home decor and styling

-home staging

-interior design ideas and implementation

Writing Services

-Need an article on home inspiration, organization, education, or parenting? Let me know how I can help you.


Event Styling Services

Here are just some examples of items I am offering:

-Development of theme and layout of event

-Creation of fresh or artificial floral tablescapes (on the table and/or over the table) in a gorgeous tablescape

-Decor/themed pieces/activity ideas

-Balloon garlands

-Table signs, food labels

-Table styling


For projects and business inquiries, please use the contact form below ⬇️ .

Thank you for stopping by!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are your favorite designs?

I appreciate coastal design with the use of shiplap on multiple walls in a space, feature walls, the use of rattan, lots of windows/natural light,  the use of exposed beams, a calming color palette, and Serena and Lily looks.

Where can I purchase your curriculum you have written?

You can find some of my curriculum I have written on TPT. I will continue to add more to it as the year progresses. I’ve designed writing, literature, grammar, public speaking, and research units for grades 7-12 over the last 18 years.

Where is your inspirational writings?

You can find my inspirational devotionals under products and my shorter inspirational writings  under faith.

What is your educational background?

I graduated with my B.A in English: Secondary Education from Grove City College. I received my Master’s degree in Education and Curriculum & Instruction from Grand Canyon University. I’m also planning on starting another degree.

What does creativity mean to you?

I see creativity as inspiring others to live their best life. In its best state, it brings together people in joyful living. When we are creative, we allow ourselves to heal, love, and be fulfilled. We also allow ourselves to take risks and learn from our mistakes. Creativity is the highest form of play, and it delights in wonder. It remains curious, imaginative, and optimistic because the world needs more light not darkness.

How can I help my child or teenager be creative?

Help them to embrace the growth mindset, learn from their mistakes, and offer encouraging feedback that helps them to grow into their best selves. Allow them to pursue their passions. They could take art, acting, and/or music lessons each month. Provide them with less screens and more outside play time. Let them play around with various musical instruments and visit the local orchestra regularly. Give them monthly STEM learning activities and let them figure out how to think outside the box as they solve problems and think critically. Go on nature hikes and garden together. Spend more time in nature. Allow them to do science experiments and sketch out their own inventions. Have them paint, draw, or complete a monthly craft. Put them in music, creative writing, theatre, or art camps. Give them unstructured time where they can create and be imaginative. Play lots of instrumental music in your home.