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Crazy About the Crayola Factory

Today, I will sharing with you more information about the Crayola Factory.  I hope you can make the visit someday soon while your child is still young! I think it is definitely worth it to make this trip a priority while your child is under the age of seven.  We went when my son was five, and I am grateful we got to enjoy this experience together.

Here are some activities you can do while you are there.  Enjoy!

Have a Crayon Made In Your Child’s Favorite Color

His favorite color was yellow at the time, so we had a yellow crayon made with his name on it.

Enjoy their Indoor Playground

It’s not all coloring.  There is an indoor playground for your little one to also get their energy out while you are there.

Enjoy Painting, Coloring, Swirling, and Creating

My son really enjoyed the drip art where you you can use melted crayon wax to draw.  We ended up getting one as a gift that Christmas from a close friend of mine.  Drip art was something we never tried before, so it was fun to try a new creative art activity!

Check Out the Interactive Hands-On Activities

If you are thinking your child needs something more hands-on then just coloring, please check this out because there are multiple hands-on activities there to enjoy! They have four floors of interactive play activities! We enjoyed the rainbow rain where you enjoy virtual wax rain falling around you.  You can also splash your own boat through a very large water table in their water works station.

Don’t Forget to Meet the Crayola Characters

There are lots of opportunities to capture some photos here with the Crayola characters. Enjoy taking photos of your little one at this age since this phase goes by so quickly!

Recommended Schedule for Visiting

There are four floors of fun in the Crayola Factory.  I recommend that you arrive right when they open in the morning and enjoy their first few floors with those activities. When you need to, take a break and have your kids play in their indoor playground then get back at it and enjoy more of their activities.  When you need another break, enjoy their Cafe Crayola. We had a light lunch here while our son was working on more coloring. You won’t need to leave for lunch so then you can go back and finish exploring the Crayola Factory.  At the end, definitely visit their Crayola Store.  This was fun to explore and purchase some gifts for Christmas. You can also pick up your Crayola Experience souvenir photo at the photo pick-up.  They also have a snack shack and ice cream food stand, so don’t worry about packing snacks unless you want to. They do have a nursing room as well in case you need to use that. Of course, check out their website HERE for more information.

I hope you can make this trip! Enjoy!



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