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A Coastal Styled Christmas

“All is calm. All is bright.”

This year, I put the word “calm” under my Christmas tree. I am relearning what the word “calm” means and looks like in such a rushed and frenzied world that so often seeps into my home. I am slowing down, taking a pause from my career, and realizing how busy I have been over the past 18 years between work, family, and trying to make the holidays special.

One of these years, I would love to design my own coastal Christmas decor because it is very challenging to find!

I think we all need to get back to the “calm” that the waves from the coast bring.  This does not have to visiting the beach during Christmas time.  We can bring that calm into our homes this Christmas through our faith and a coastal Christmas style. I enjoy the Christmas events and festivities just like so many of you and finding special gifts for family and loved ones; however, I am pausing this holiday to reflect on what “calm” means and looks like.

How can we create that “calm and bright” environment in our homes? I’ll write more on that in my faith section of this blog.

A Coastal Inspired Christmas

I have actually never spent a Christmas at the coast, but one of these holiday seasons I would love to! In my mind, I try to imagine a coastal-inspired Christmas and what that looks like. Bring that calm into your home with starfish, seashells, and warm lighting.

I have been able to find coastal-inspired Christmas decor over the years from Christmas Tree Hill or Home Goods. Slowly, I have collected starfish that I place into the emptier parts of my Christmas tree, seashell ornaments, beachy snowmen, coral ornaments, fish and jellyfish ornaments, whales, and anchors. I was even able to find these adorable seashell lights at Christmas Tree Hill that I wrap around my coffee tables. I aim to complement the waterscape paint color by Sherwin Williams and the gold hardware in my kitchen so I’ll often use the sea green, gold, and white color scheme for Christmas. Other shades of green also complement it for Christmas if you want to try that out as well. I also put seashells under my tree in a basket with other larger seashells my grandma received from the South Pacific. My larger snowman has starfish instead of buttons and a beach straw hat instead of a black hat. It’s fun to see this theme unfold. My stockings have shades of teal and waterscape in them with trees layered with gold beading. My son’s stocking is a white polar bear that is soft and cuddly.

Whether or not you bring this coastal styled Christmas into your home or not, I wish you a peaceful and restful holiday season with your loved ones.

What are you planning on doing for your coastal Christmas decor this year?

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