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Making Your Primary Bedroom a Peaceful Retreat

It’s time to take charge of your alone time and make it a priority to rest in your home. In order to give your best, you need to have that peaceful retreat in your primary bedroom away from it all where you can truly rest, relax, and recharge. There is nothing wrong with having a, “Do Not Wake Mommy” sign on your door. Rest is so important in our lives.

What does a peaceful retreat look like to you?  Take a minute and think about it. If you need to, make a list of things that bring you peace. You can create more of a comforting oasis in your primary bedroom with just a few small changes. I want to show you some ideas for how you can make this happen this month in your home.

For some reason, the primary bedroom is often the room we neglect and don’t prioritize. Regardless of what life season you are in right now, honor your alone time and make this space in your home a sanctuary for yourself where you can reflect, practice gratitude, and decompress after a long day. Your primary bedroom can feel more like a comforting oasis to you with just a few changes.

Note: Before you start with decorating this space, you must first declutter.  If you don’t love it, then give it away to someone who will.  If it is broken, then throw it out.  If everything is all over the place and you need it in this space, find furniture pieces to contain it.  After you are done removing the clutter from your bedroom, think carefully about each item you are adding back into it.  Ask yourself if it brings you relaxation. If it does, keep it. Remember, the goal is to create a peaceful retreat for yourself.

Here are a few changes I did to my primary bedroom to help me create more of a peaceful retreat.

1. Calming Color Palette

Often, people make their bedrooms darker and more moodier.  If that’s more your style, then go for it.  For us, we enjoy more of a light and airy look to our primary bedroom.  We have done a coastal palette of paint colors in our home reflecting our love for the beach. We needed to pull in some contrast, so we decided to have the tray ceiling painted a lighter blue-gray color. This airy, serene, and peaceful tradewind paint color by Sherwin Williams brings the ocean breeze home. At night, the candles flicker on the ceiling making it feel more like water.



2. Feature Wall

We decided to not do a feature wall in our primary bedroom due to our tray ceiling. If you don’t have a tray ceiling, try a feature wall. There are so many creative ideas with these. Check out my Pinterest board for more feature wall ideas.

3. Inspiring Books

If you have been wanting to read more, pull in some of those books you haven’t finished yet into this space. I enjoy having a few inspiring books to read in my bedroom. You can pull a few from your bookshelves, and make it more of a priority each evening.

4. Candlelight

Reading in your bedroom by candlelight can be very calming, so get those flameless flickering candles that wave back and forth. Just put batteries in them and relax by candlelight each evening before bed. I currently have 4 candles in my bedroom. This makes a huge difference in our bedroom.  I thought they wouldn’t last very long with the batteries, but so far they have lasted months without it needing to be changed out!

5. Plants/Greenery

I like to add in faux palm leaf plants for that coastal feel.  I usually get faux ones from Home Goods.

6. Natural Elements

Think of bamboo, wood, and other natural elements to bring into the room. We are enjoying these lights and bamboo candle holders from Home Goods.

7. Extra Pillows/Soft Throw Blanket

It really makes your bed feel more special when you layer in additional pillows and a soft throw blanket on your bed. Of course, you could also update those sheets, mattress pad, and comforter if it’s time for an updated look and feel. Make this a priority if you haven’t lately.  You will sleep better!

8. Inspirational Wall Art Sayings

What inspires you? Bring those sayings into your primary bedroom.  Reflect on them each day when you wake up and before you go to bed.

9. Peaceful Artwork

What brings you calm? Is it a waterfall, a beach, the mountains, a stream, or a sunrise? Look for artwork that gives you a sense of calm for this space. You could bring this into your space in the form of a canvas, tapestry, mural, or photograph.

I hope some of these ideas are helpful to you as you finish planning your primary bedroom.  Whatever you choose to do in your primary bedroom, I hope that it helps to bring you more of a peaceful retreat where you can relax, unwind, and rest.

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