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Cozy Up Your Home & Heart For Fall


Reflections on a Heart for Fall

Life seems to constantly remind us of the need to hold on, but then to let go.  It whispers to us to stop wrestling and to be still. Fall asks us to open our hands, let go, and be patient. It can be difficult when we want to hold on and not let go of what is comfortable and familiar.  Do we have a heart for fall?

I think we all long for the eternal sunshine of summer in our lives, and we don’t always want fall to come. We are told how fall is proof that change is beautiful; however, with change, there is also growing pains, uncertainty, and uneasiness even in the midst of beauty. It is natural to not want the discomfort of change with growing pains. Sometimes, we just want to sweep this discomfort under the rug, close the door, and pretend it isn’t there, but we are meant for more.  We are meant for healing, growth, and joy.  Growing pains in these seasons of growth can be hard. Just like the leaves must fall off for new growth to emerge, we too must let go of what is familiar for something more in our lives.  This letting go isn’t always easy to do.

What can we do in the discomfort and uneasiness of life’s changing seasons? Psalm 1:3 says, “He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither.  In all that He does, he prospers.” We can plant ourselves with the anchor of our faith, resting secure as life’s transitions blow our way. Our leaves do not have to wither in the midst of the changing seasons in our own personal lives. We don’t have to be like the leaves that blow all around one way to the next.  Instead of becoming  discouraged and growing more restless, our hearts can find rest and peace as we trust in our faith in God in the midst of the discomfort of the changing seasons of life. We can take comfort in the truth that God doesn’t change even when all around us does. He is faithfully holding our life safely in the palm of his hands, and He knows why one door may open while another door may close.  He knows the purpose in the leaves falling away for new growth.  Take heart because He knows the timing. You are meant for more. Rest secure in your faith this changing season and don’t lose heart. There is a purpose for every season in your life, and none of it will go to waste. Be glad because God is faithful in the autumn rains. The Bible reminds us in Galations 6 to not become weary in doing good because at the right time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. These growing pains that feel uncomfortable right now are making you stronger and growing more character in you.

A Home for Fall

As you grow your heart for fall, you will find rest and peace in your home. We all know that the rain, fog, wet leaves, and wind gusts occur sometimes more frequently than the golden rays of sunshine that shine on the gorgeous fall leaves. So how do we cozy up our homes as it gets darker outside earlier and the rain starts to fall more?

Get Inspired

To be inspired, you must spend time nurturing your soul. Sing, create, read, walk, write, play, listen, pray, and get outside.  When the sun comes out again, have a campfire in your backyard, roast some marshmallows, and let your kids run around in the leaves. When it’s not raining, pull yourself out of your home because if you don’t, you may just miss the beauty of this season. Try a new craft like making a leaf book or painting a pumpkin, and bring the outside in with fall decor.  Make some soup or chili, and get that crockpot out again.  With the rush of sport activities, don’t let that get in the way of taking a hike in the mountains to appreciate all that this season offers. Appreciate all that nature has to offer by getting out on the water, enjoying the beauty of a hike, watching a gorgeous sunset, feeling the leaves dance in the wind, and breathing in the crisp fall air. Be inspired and then create.

Create a Fall Tablescape

Out of the inspiration you are feeling, create. If you want to create a fall tablescape, go for it.  Use the colors that are speaking to you right now and that bring you calm or excitement. For this year’s fall tablescape, I decided to stick with a white and cream color scheme with a touch of green. I found my flowers at Joanne Fabrics with the buy 3 get 2 free sale.  I trimmed them to fit and added some white and green pumpkins.  I decided to sit these on eucalyptus garlands that I found on sale at Michaels. Whatever you decide, have fun creating!

Refresh Your Kitchen for Fall



Enjoy Comfort Food

Bring out all of the comfort food you enjoy.  For me, that is adding cinnamon, nutmeg, lemongrass, cilantro, and pumpkin spice to my recipes. I also enjoy honey cornbread, soup, chili, apple crisp, popcorn, and apple cider.  Nothing beats apples and salted caramel for a go to snack this time of year. Whatever brings you comfort and nostalgia, bring those ingredients into your kitchen and enjoy! You can dress it up with some plush pumpkins, flickering candles, and pumpkin platters. I found my pumpkin decor at Home Goods.

Try Some DIY Fall Crafts

As you enjoy being creative, try out some DIY fall crafts.  This year, I made my own fall wreaths for my islands.  I just got my mini wreaths on sale at Joanne Fabrics and some pumpkins and sunflowers. I used some creme and gold ribbon on it.  As I was creating, I also tried out making an elegant fall pumpkin.  I just got a craft pumpkin on sale at Michaels with floral foam and glue, and I made a flower arrangement on top.  So far, it has held up outside in the wind under the covered porch.  I really like how it turned out.  I also placed video tutorials on these DIY fall crafts on Instagram if you want to check those out. Lastly, I made my kitchen island flower arrangement with floral foam, a wooden planter, and white sunflowers/pumpkins all on sale at Joanne Fabrics and Michaels.  It was energizing doing my own DIY fall crafts this fall season and definitely more affordable.

Pretty Up Your Porch

Thinking of spending more time on your porch this fall season? Pretty up your porch for fall with faux pumpkins, basket flower arrangements, and mums.  You can use faux or real mums.  I decided to do real mums and faux fall flowers on sale from Michaels.


Warm Up Your Living Space With Lighting & Plush Pumpkins

If you don’t have flickering candles or soft flickering lights, I highly recommend that you add these into your living room.  I added 4 flickering candles on my coffee table with plush creme pumpkins. I also added 2 flickering candles, soft lighting on a cozy blanket, and a variety of plush/glass/wooden pumpkins around my fireplace mantel with white sunflowers.

May you have a wonderful fall season as you cozy up your home and heart for fall. Let me know what DIY fall projects you are up to and what you are cooking this fall season.  I’d love to hear from you.  If you haven’t checked out my Instagram page, feel free to follow me for more fall decor ideas!

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