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Outdoor Living Among the Flowers

Follow this simple way to move beyond just being outside to actually enjoying your outdoor space at home. Your home will feel more like a vacation every day as you seek to cultivate, nurture, welcome, enchant, and rest in your outdoor space.

There is nothing quite like sitting at home among a garden of flowers watching the birds, butterflies, and bumblebees. You don’t have to be retired to enjoy your home.  I want to tell you today that you can create your own outdoor space that feels like vacation.

There is something so life-giving about spending time among the flowers. Spending time in the garden can bring our soul rest. It will invite us in and ask us to stay awhile. It will give us a reason to stay outside just for a few hours more.  Outdoor living shouldn’t feel like an obligation or a chore. It should refresh us and invite us to itself. If it isn’t life-giving, then I would encourage you to find refuge among the flowers. This is the restorative power of a garden. Everyone can have outdoor living like this.


Cultivate a garden that works for you.

We use a Rainbird irrigation system that goes off for an hour early each morning. We added extra extension pieces and sprayers to various parts of the garden that need more water. We also released ladybugs in the late evening to help with the aphids. Using Neem Oil and Seven throughout times of pests in the garden also proves helpful. Make sure you don’t water in the evening as much since this can create a white powdery fungus if your garden is too wet into the late night. Don’t be shy about pruning and removing dead blooms. It will actually create more blooms for you after going through this process. Being diligent about removing dead blooms on a weekly basis will help to keep your blooms fuller. Use Repels All if the deer are getting to your plants and look for more deer resistant plants next time you visit your garden store. Check out deer resistant plants by Better Homes and Gardens HERE


Take time to nurture your outdoor space. In areas where you can’t mulch, plant wildflower seeds and watch nature nurture itself. While you tend to your garden beds, you will notice the work of the butterflies, bumblebees, and birds surrounding your outdoor space with delight. They will be hard at work tending to your wildflower garden, and you will see the importance of nurture at work. Pour your nurturing self into your outdoor space, surround yourself with that which makes you happy and brings your soul rest. Find the bird and butterfly garden plan from Better Homes and Gardens HERE


Enchantment comes from the sun pouring into our front porch or back patios. It’s the sparkle and warmth from the golden sun that will add magic to your space. Bring an added caress of enchantment to your outdoor living space through the use of sheer white outdoor curtains. Use outdoor curtain rods and curtains then watch the magic happen.

You won’t regret the few hours it takes to set this up for your warmer months. Dress up your porch with garlands around your door and planters on either side of your door.  Switch them out as the seasons change. Bring in seating that relaxes you.


Welcome in friends, neighbors, and family to your front porch. Make your front porch fun and welcoming with the use of artificial flowers in a planter, garlands, and a color scheme that makes you smile.  Switch it out as the seasons change and have some fun with it.  Do it just because. We can bring back the simpler times to our children, family, and neighbors.



In a world that pulls us in a million directions and tells us to be more and more, learn to rest. Learn to tell yourself that you are enough, you did enough, and your life is enough.  Sometimes, we need to be still and enjoy all that we have worked so hard for. Sit, read, talk with loved ones, and listen.  Let your nervous system learn to rest again. Find comfortable seating and spend the extra money to get what you really like so that you will use it. We decided to go with Breezesta Polywood furniture on our patio and keep our cushions inside our home until it is time to use them.  Use furniture that is most comfortable for your family and enjoy!


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