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Finding Home

Have we found the true meaning of home?

I’m afraid we are too easily fooled into thinking that remodels, custom designs, or the latest home trends will bring us fulfillment. While these things may bring us a temporary satisfaction, they do not bring us into the true meaning of home.

Finding home means finding connection. It means being heard, listened to, and listening to others. Finding home means knowing we belong and how we belong. Finding home means cultivating contentment and an inner peace in our hearts. It means going home and knowing there is no where else we would rather be.

For too many of us, we have circled around and around on the carousel of life, and it’s been a dizzying ride at times. With each round circling into a new chapter in our lives, we can grow dizzy of the quick changes of life. This merry-go-round of life can be filled with joy and delight, but often we can become dissatisfied or disconnected from the very place we spend year after year.

It can be that in-between time when we get off the carousel of life and wait to get back on again that makes us want to question what it means to find home. This is when our life can feel like a blur. A blur of getting on and then getting off again. This dizzying ride can too easily continue until we start to ask ourselves if there is something else in store for us. I do think there is something we are missing at times in our lives and that is finding home.

How can we find the true meaning of home when our lives have become so transient? How do we fit those separated pieces of our lives together? We see the puzzle pieces of our life laid out before us, and we can become confused with how to put the pieces back together. So many of our lives have been scattered around, and it’s hard to know where our home begins and ends. It is easy to feel disconnected especially when our lives and the lives of those we love have become transient.

So where do we go from here? Let your home begin and end in unconditional love. Let the foundation of your home be built on your faith with your morals and values.  I want to encourage you to find home in connection, rest, peace, and contentment. You are the heartbeat of all the homes you have lived in. Let the four walls of your home be faith, hope, love, and healthy relationships. Finding home should mean finding our place of rest, contentment, and inner peace. It should be the place where we know we truly belong because we are loved, valued, and cherished.

If you don’t feel that in your home, then make today the day you prioritize finding home. Push aside everything that is distracting you from living the life you want to live.  If something is getting in the way, find a way to get around it. Your time is precious.  Choose to pour your heart into things that will build you up. Put up healthy boundaries in the areas that need it. Choose genuine relationships that make you strong and bring out the best in you. Choose authenticity. Cultivate contentment while still pursuing your dreams. Choose connection. Choose community. Choose rest. Choose love. Find home and don’t look back. Design the life you want to live.

Grateful you are here,



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