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Event Planning

Hosting a Kid Painting Party

Today, I am going to share with you some ideas and photos from our latest painting party!

Have you ever thrown a painting party? This one was definitely fun to do in the early summer since we were able to throw up our tent and tables, set up a photo backdrop with balloons for photos, and set up some paints and canvases.  It was definitely fun, and I will be throwing another painting party this upcoming summer as well for more of our neighbors and friends.  I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, since I never did one before.  I think it turned out perfectly, and the kids had a blast.  I wanted to provide another memorable experience for my son to spend time with his friends as the school year came to a close.  I think this definitely did!

Here are some things I did that made it turn out well.

  1. Set up the tent as far ahead as you can with the tables so it’s ready to go.  We were able to set it up a day in advance, so it was easier to be more present as the party went on. Don’t have a tent or tables? Borrow some from friends!
  2. Also, set up the decor and paints/canvases for each child so they are ready to go a few hours before the party begins.  Use easy squeezable paints for the smaller kids in case they aren’t quite ready for paintbrushes.  Also, provide different sized paint brushes so everyone can choose brushes that fit what they are painting.
  3. Make it easy.  Give out pizza and ice water during the party in case kids get hungry or thirsty. Hand out ice-cream as it warm-ups more outside. This worked fine this day.  Focus more of your attention on helping the kids paint and watching them enjoy their painting. Stay present in the moment.
  4. Provide multiple canvases for the kids in case they want to do a smaller painting and a larger one plus provide those scratch out black papers so they can do that as well if interested.
  5. Have an easel set up for the little ones with hand-painting for them.
  6. I just got my painting backdrop on Amazon (maybe 20 dollars or so) and set it up.  It looks like it’s a lot of work, but it really isn’t.  Try out a backdrop and a stand or borrow one from a friend if you never have tried it.  I think it makes a big difference with taking photos.
  7. As I have said over and over again in these event planning articles, be present in the moment.  Take in each event you plan and enjoy your loved ones! Also, don’t forget the painting smocks since paint will get on their clothing.  Even if it’s washable paint, it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Remind everyone to wear clothes to paint in just in case!

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