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Event Planning

Those Early Precious Celebrations

Let me you tell you  momma that these early special celebrations are so important.  They may become more and more blurry in your mind as the years go on, but they are so precious.  I was blessed enough to enjoy these early celebrations before the pandemic and before life got so complicated.  I’m sorry if you were unable to do these special early celebrations due the pandemic, and I hope you can make up for lost time in case you were unable to do these events in your life.  Check out my other event planning posts if these may not apply to you now in your life, or pass them along to a friend who may benefit from any help with these types of events.

Today, I am sharing with you my Gender Reveal Party, my baby shower, and my son’s first birthday party.  I wanted to make these extra special and memorable.  They didn’t cost too much, but they were still very special to me. I’m grateful for each celebration with friends and loved ones.


Event 1

Gender Reveal Party: Hershey Harvest Restaurant Private Room

We opened the balloons and out came blue! It was such a special event.  Since we were in Hershey, I did Hershey chocolate bars coloring in the “he” part with blue.  I also had a cake cutting with blue from Couture Cakery.  We were thrilled to be new parents and wanted to make this time extra special since we had struggles with conceiving. More on that in my podcast.  One of the most special items at this event was my husband’s CD of instrumental music he composed for our baby. He wrote the songs then had them put on to a CD.   This CD is on sold on Amazon HERE if you are interested in listening to some of these songs! Here are some things we did for that special event.



Event 2

Baby Shower: Peter Rabbit


This was a very precious and sweet time in my life, and the Peter Rabbit mural I hung in my son’s nursery from Murals Your Way just made the most sense for the baby shower theme.  I did blue and white large hydrangeas, cupcakes from Couture Cakery, and cute little Peter Rabbit garden foods with labels. It was a celebration of my son’s first year of life as well and a celebration of my husband and I being parents for the first time.  I had to write a little Shutterfly pregnancy photo booklet, so I typed up month by month what happened and took pictures from each month. I had the pregnancy Shutterfly book at the shower as well to remember all the twists and turns of each month.




Event 3

1st Birthday Celebration: Cat in the Hat


Reading to my son was extremely important to me, not just since I have my Master’s in Education in Curriculum and Reading.  I knew I was laying the foundation for my son’s learning for the rest of his life.  Reading became a top priority for me.  I would read to my son in the morning, before his nap, and before bed.  This is why I loved Dr. Seuss since there was so much fun with rhythm and rhyme in his stories. I was able to achieve the Dr. Seuss themed look very easily through some finds on Etsy, a local cake artist, and some ink with my own personal printer.  It was super easy to plan between his nursing and during his napping schedule. I made it a small memorable get together which was affordable and easy to throw together even with a baby at home and nursing around the clock. We didn’t want to just celebrate this milestone as just a birthday, but we wanted to celebrate all that we were able to enjoy this first year as new parents.  I designed a book for my son that I wrote that highlighted some of the highs and lows of each month.  I also put together a photo garland of monthly photos I took along the way.  Whatever it is that was memorable to you during this 1st year, definitely celebrate it and take time to reflect since we all know that this year goes by too quickly.


It has been a pleasure going down memory lane with you and sharing these special early celebrations.  I would encourage you to enjoy these moments with your little ones since time goes by so quickly.  Be present in each moment and memory you make.

I hope that some of these ideas were fun to explore for you as you look forward to planning some events or helping a friend with one of their events!  Cheers!

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