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Try a Winter Refresh in Your Home

There is nothing quite like sitting around the fire during the winter and reading an inspiring book or going to the spa for a refreshing spa day.

When you are home though, do you feel refreshed or stressed out? Our homes often stress us out with laundry to do, dishes to wash, and undone projects to complete. Our kids and work often demand all of our energy we have, and we often miss the nostalgia of the holidays.

This is right when you can choose to do a quick winter refresh in your home.

Refresh Your Coffee Area

When was the last time you sipped your coffee? I know we are often running here or there, and we don’t always have the time to sit down and enjoy our coffee.  I don’t know about you, but I think it is time we all enjoy our coffee area more. Also, sip your coffee and slow down. Enjoy your home more.  I added an Aura photo frame to this area, some small decor touches, and some pops of dusty pink.

Whatever season you are right now in life whether your kids are home or gone to college, you can stay at home and feel more inspired in your space.

Make It Personal

I think your winter refresh should be personal to you. If there is a color right now that is inspiring you, a quote that speaks to you, or a canvas that you are drawn to, then that may be your winter refresh idea.

For me, I want to remind myself during these remaining winter months of what love is, so I decided to reflect that also in my home decor. It is easy to feel uninspired during the winter, so make your home your resting place where you can feel inspired.

Choose a Pop of Color

I decided after taking down all of the Christmas lights and decorations to just put up small pops of light dusty pink in our living room, dining room, and kitchen. My husband and I used this light dusty pink color in our wedding as well so it has more sentimental value. It also brings me calm and rest. Choose a color that helps you to relax and feel inspired.

Leave Some Lights Up

None of us want to take down our Christmas lights. They bring a sense of warmth and a cozy feel to our homes during winter. Don’t take all of them down. Leave up the small sparkly lights around your lamps and/or fireplace. Also, leave up battery operated candles with the flames that go back and forth. This brings warmth to your home.

Refresh With Throw Pillows

You can easily find a few pillows that match the color you choose. They will give your space a new feel for less. I got my throw pillows at Home Goods. I especially appreciate the pillows that say, “above all else, love” and “love never fails”.

Don’t Forget the Flowers

Fresh flowers are always nice, but you can also do ones in the color choice you decide. I found these rose decorations at Home Goods and thought they looked so sweet. I also found heart plates with flowers on them.

I also hung a flower wreath on our barn door for another pop of color.

Make It Simple

I didn’t spend much on my winter refresh. I used mostly gift cards I received, so it was a very affordable winter refresh!

What are you thinking of doing for your winter refresh? I’d love to hear your winter refresh idea!

Remember, you don’t have to always leave your home to be inspired and refreshed. You can be refreshed right where you are in your home.

Let’s stay home more.

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