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Lego Party Ideas

Hello friend! Are you planning a Lego party or looking for Lego challenge ideas?  At Getting Creative with Carolyn, we just threw a Lego party for our son for the first time, and it turned out great. The kids had a blast, and many did not want to leave the party. It was a nice afternoon building Legos and having a good time.

So what did we use for our Lego party? We ended up using the Legos we already had and purchased Lego kits.  We ended up having more than enough Legos and Lego activities for around 25 kids.  I’ll post all the items we purchased at the very bottom of this article in case you want to try any of them out. I used Canva to make these table labels.

I hope this article is helpful to you in planning your Lego party.


Table 1

At table 1, we set up the Lego Chain Reaction and Lego Gadget kits.  I’ll link these below.  I purchased three of each, and the kids enjoyed putting these together! All you need to do is put it on the table and let the kids have some fun. Everything you need is in the kit already for you, so it makes this activity much easier to set up. These are enjoyable kits for kids in elementary school.

Table 2

This was by far our most favorite activity since we were able to build a racetrack and quickly set it up at the party.  (see directions below) The kids were able to build their race car that they thought would go the fastest then race their Lego cars with each other.  It was fun seeing which car would go the fastest and watching the kids play. This is definitely an activity that you don’t want to skip. It gets the kids building and also playing with their builds!

Lego Racetrack Directions

  1. Get an 8′ x 4′  piece of 1/4 inch sheet wood from Lowes.  Have Lowes cut it there for you in half. Also, get five 8′ long 1″x 2″s and have Lowes cut those in half. Put the pieces together using screws and wood glue.
  2. Paint and let dry.
  3. Use hairpin folding legs so it can stand up. We used the 17 1/2 inch ones. Screw them in with 1/4 inch screws. I’ll link this at the bottom if you need help finding these hairpin folding legs.
  4. Use sticker numbers 1-8, stand up, and you are ready to race!

Note: I don’t think we spent more than 35 dollars of this project.

Table 3

We wanted to have more of a free play area for kids to build whatever they wanted to, so we made this little spinner with paper and Legos and my son put it together.  The kids enjoyed spinning it and building the item that the arrow landed on.

Table 4

Because I knew that not every kid would want to build Legos the entire time, I set up a space for a STEM activity with straws and connectors.  The kids ended up building cars with wheels from this as well and raced them down the racetrack.  This was a lot of fun and definitely something I would recommend that you include even though it’s not a Lego.

Table 5

I knew that we would have kids who also would want to build different types of Legos, so I included the Lego cupcakes.  This was festive for the party plus kids were able to take their Lego cupcake home with them.  The glasses were fun favors they could also take home with them after building.  There were smaller pieces they could put on their Lego glasses as well to make it the style they wanted.

At this table, I also wanted to set up a drawing/coloring activity for kids who wanted to draw their own Lego mini-figure.  Not as many kids did this activity though since I think they wanted to try the other ones. I still think it was a fun activity to try out since not every child may want to build the entire time. We did find that most kids were building most of the party.

DIY Lego Decor

Have your child build some of the Lego decor! My son made the Lego birthday cake, the Lego napkin holder, and the number a week or two in advance.

Use what you already have! We really didn’t do anything too fancy for the party decor since we wanted to focus more on the Lego challenges.  I just stacked his Lego storage bin top on the table with the Lego symbol showing.

Do an easy centerpiece idea! Fill those glass vases with Legos.  It is a Lego party after all.  I didn’t have enough time to set up a fancy centerpiece, so I just put Lego gummies, Lego mini-figures, and those fun Wikki Stix to play with for the centerpiece. I also put Legos in a container for the kids to play with while they were eating.

Save some money! Just get a balloon garland, a photo backdrop, some Lego popcorn boxes, and some Lego straws.  I’ll link these below.


Lego Desserts

Does you child prefer icecream over cake? Just get those Lego molds and make whatever you want with them! We made milk chocolate and white chocolate from our Lego molds.  We ended up buying the Lego gummy blocks.  The kids enjoyed making their own sundae using the Lego gummy blocks and the Lego chocolate.


Other Activity Ideas

We decided to not bring these 2 activities to the party since we already had enough planned, but here are 2 other ideas you could try out!

Lego Flowers Bouquet Activity

You could have an area for the kids to build Lego flowers then the flowers could be given to the moms at the end of the party.  This may be a nice idea for a mother/son activity that the moms would find special.

Lego Zipline Racing Activity

Set up a Lego zipline and watch the Lego mini-figures fly down that zipline!  We made ours with dental floss, and I had my son build it 2 weeks in advance.  I wish we would have brought this one to the party, but we didn’t have enough time to set this one up with the balloon garland and other activities we were setting up.  If you want to try this one out, set up 2 of them then race! Find step-by-step directions in setting this one up HERE and do it in advance so they are ready to go. It is easier to make then it looks.

Thanks for stopping today at Getting Creative With Carolyn. I hope that you are able to try some of these ideas and have a great time with friends and family. It is going to turn out great because the kids will have a blast! Let me know if you try out any of these ideas and how it turns out.

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