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Legoland Trip Ideas

Thanks for stopping by! If you are considering a visit to Legoland, let me help you as you plan your trip so you can make the most of it!

We stayed at the Legoland Hotel which made the entire experience more unforgettable and magical for my son. Even though the hotel is pricey, we enjoyed staying there in the kingdom themed room. There are also other themed rooms such as the pirate themed room, the Lego friend room, and the Ninjago themed room.  We chose the kingdom themed room with the king bed and the double bunk bed. I would not have done it any other way since I think it made the entire experience more magical. We had 2 days at the park which is what I would recommend so you can let your child enjoy the entire park. We had a late checkout as well which was nice so we could enjoy another Lego movie and relax before traveling home.

Here is what we liked about the hotel!

Legoland Hotel Positives

1. There was a fun disco elevator with music which was so neat! We laughed and danced each time we went up and down the elevator. This was an unexpected creative idea that I appreciated at the hotel.

2. There was a giant Lego castle in the entry area where kids can play with Legos together, and you can put your feet up and get a drink if you want.

3. There was a Lego creator building workshop area in the hotel with free guided building and friendly staff instructors teaching the kids how to build step by step! Be sure to sign up for this workshop when you arrive or the following day so you don’t miss it.

4. The breakfast buffet was included in the visit with a lot of choices for picky eaters.

5. There was streaming of all of the Lego movies in the room with a TV for the bunk area and a TV for the king bed area of the room. That made it nice since our son could watch his Lego movie and build in his area of his room while we watched a Hallmark movie and relaxed.

6. There were Capri Suns and Hot Cocoa Keurigs which I thought were nice to have for kids instead of just bottled water. My son wasn’t thirsty since he had lots to drink in the room.

7. When asking my son what he liked about the hotel, it was the arcade. He enjoys any arcade of any size, so this one suited him just fine, and he had a lot of fun! The arcade was on the smaller size though, but at my son’s age, he is not too picky.

8. Plus, who doesn’t like the  Lego soap?! I enjoyed the smiling Lego characters as well in the restaurant at the hotel. Who knew you could make the Lego characters smile?! This was a playful way for the hotel to bring more excitement to children.

Obviously, nothing is perfect. I would recommend that they have a snack area in each room stocked with popcorn and other goodies to eat. I also would recommend that the arcade area be much larger. I think they should have also had more play zones. At Great Wolf Lodge, there is a mining area and maze area in addition to a bowling and mini-golf area. I think with what Legoland charges, they should have created more play activities inside their hotel like Great Wolf Lodge does in addition to their waterslide. More on Great Wolf Lodge in another article!

Now, on to the Legoland Park. Everything was so fun to see! There were some fun rides for elementary ages kids plus the shops were nice. Here are some positives for their park!

Legoland Park Positives

1. The Legoland shops were so much fun since you could see the various Legos that you don’t always see in the stores. I went to town buying Christmas presents here! It was a nice shopping experience. However, as you know, Legos add up!

2. There was a Lego building area where you could build Lego cars and race them. We spent a good hour here just building cars and racing them with new friends. My son enjoyed this so much that when we got home he organized his wheels in a separate bin and made 7 new cars that week after school.

3. There was an inside Lego factory ride which we went on a few times. It reminded us of the Hershey Chocolate Factory ride, but this one was different since there was no track. It made you feel like you were floating through the factory.

4. There were a lot of kid-friendly interactive rides which made it more meaningful for kids. The firefighter ride had the rider get out of the fire truck and put out a fire. The Legoland Miniworld looked very realistic and was built very thoughtfully. It had a race with Lego turkeys and places for kids to have the mini Lego characters go fishing or dancing. There was also a ride that went up with a rope for pulling yourself up and down. I appreciated how children could interact with each ride instead of just experiencing it.

5. There was a driving area for kids with a license plate station. What kid doesn’t like to drive their own little Lego car? Of course my son had to choose the yellow car, and no he didn’t get his license since he ran into other cars. Not quite ready to drive! The license center was playful to have though.

6. I enjoyed seeing the cute Lego flowers and Lego trees throughout the park with the Lego characters. For those of you who enjoy playing with Legos with your children, it does seem to make you feel like you are inside a little Lego world when you are there at the park.

Overall, it was worth the trip. I’ll be putting this one in a Shutterfly photo book! I wouldn’t even mind going one more time in the summer to enjoy their water park fun and cinema since we missed that.

After a busy summer playing and swimming, my son was able to rekindle his love for Legos with this trip. He’s been playing with Legos nonstop during his free time since we went! Definitely a win-win.

I hope some of these ideas help you as you plan your trip to Legoland. Have fun!

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