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5 Easy Steps To a Coastal Styled Kitchen

Like your kitchen, but it really isn’t your style? You can transform your kitchen look with just a few changes without doing a full kitchen remodel.

We decided to turn our modern farmhouse kitchen with grey and black finishes to a coastal styled kitchen.

Note: Before we even tackled these few small changes in the kitchen, we had shiplap added across the living room and into the kitchen.  Getting the shiplap done before these changes was important since it ties everything together and gives it that coastal feel.  If you want a coastal feel, definitely add in shiplap to your space first.


Before we changed our kitchen, it had black circular hardware, black glass pendants, white cabinets, all grey countertops, and a grey island. This modern farmhouse look is nice and I do enjoy the clean look of it; however, I enjoy more of the soothing blue colors with the look of rattan.


We decided to only make five key changes to our kitchen. This made it less costly, but still gave us the look we wanted at the end. I’m glad we made these key changes with our hardware, island, door, furniture and lights. I would like to change the flooring to a light white oak color as well, but that will have to wait.

Are you interested in changing the style of your kitchen without a full kitchen remodel? Follow these 5 easy steps for your kitchen.

1. Change Out Your Hardware

We decided to change our black circular knobs that were already in the home to a champagne gold handle. I enjoy this look and style better. Just that small change makes a difference. Shop around for hardware and get samples.  Hold it up on your cabinets and get the ones you like! It’s a small change that will make a difference.

We also added two floating shelves to keep with the footprint of the kitchen and a small bar cart to fit the current width of the wall space to keep it simple.

2. Change Your Island

We got rid of the island altogether and moved it to the basement for a future project possibly.  We ended up choosing a white countertop with touches of champagne gold in it. I wanted to wrap the island in shiplap as well and use the waterscape paint color by Sherwin Williams, so we had it custom made. This takes more time to design, but I feel like it was worth the wait.

3. Change Your Light Fixtures

I changed the black glass pendants to these rattan lights from Serena and Lily.  I appreciate the warmth they offer and reminds me of my time at Cape Cod. There are so many coastal styled lights to choose from, so you may want to pin some ideas and narrow it down.

4. Add a Barn Door

With all the white in our house and the shiplap in this space, I thought it would be nice to add a barn door in the waterscape paint color as well by Sherwin Williams.  This door leads to our basement, but you could do this on your pantry door.  There are so many choices for barn doors. I like the vertical lines on this door since it provides a contrast to the horizonal shiplap in the room.

5. Style With New Furniture

I discovered Serena and Lily one day when looking through coastal decor, and I absolutely loved it all.  It tends to run a little more expensive, but I was so happy with the look that I decided to save and make it happen. I’ll share the pieces I purchased below as well in case you want to check any of them out.  I really appreciate how these chairs just wipe off so easily even with spaghetti spills.

I hope this post inspired you and showed you that even just a few small changes can make a difference in your home. Feel free to check out my Pinterest page of ideas under coastal decor for more inspirational ideas!

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