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Wall Decals/Wall Mural Ideas

Hello, welcome to some ideas for wall murals or wall decals.  Putting up wall murals and wall decals ends up becoming a starting point for me when I design.  I enjoy and appreciate inspirational sayings and beautiful murals. I hope you find some of these ideas helpful as you seek to use more of these in your home.

So to start off, you should know that I was the one in my family who would write inspirational sayings all over the wall in my bedroom with that bubble paint.  Remember those?  Yes, I probably made it every difficult for the next family as they attempted to peel it all off the walls.  I would write sayings which inspired me all over my walls. I was happy each day reading it all. I didn’t know back then in the 80s and 90s about all the inspirational wall decals I would use now. Putting up these wall decals reminds me of what I did as a young girl. It takes me back to the days when I was filling out journal after journal after journal with all of my poetry and ideas.

Are you interested in trying out a wall decal or wall mural in your home? I’ve done a few over the years in my home, and they have been enjoyed in various ways.

Here are some ideas I did over the past few years which may help to inspire you as you plan yours!

Wall Mural/Wall Decal Ideas

1. When I was researching decor for my son’s nursery, I came across Murals Your Way.  Wow, what an incredible place to see so many amazing murals.  I ended up with one large Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit mural from Murals Your Way in my son’s nursery. It was just perfect and so sweet. I based my baby shower off of his Peter Rabbit theme as well. I would say this was my inspiration for the room for sure.  Sometimes, it just takes that special mural to bring together your vision for your room.

2. During the pandemic when I taught my son how to read and write and I had almost 300 students online, I made my wall of my office a white board. I used a sticky white board wall decal that took up most of the wall. This was useful for lessons. I also placed a white board decal on my tables in my classroom so students could write on the tables when collaborating when we were face to face. If only more walls would be white board walls, right?!

3. When we moved into our new home, I wanted to bring the mountains into our son’s bedroom.  I decided to put this mountain mural from Amazon up; however, it does come piece by piece so it has divides in it. I could have probably not overlapped it in those areas.  That was the mistake we made putting this one up.  When you do put up a mural, request help from a friend since they can get tricky.  It’s beautiful though, so I decided to keep it.

4. I started thinking about inspirational Bible verses and faith filled sayings that are important to our family.  It reminded me of those days when I would write on the walls in my bedroom with bubble paint, but this was much better!  Putting faith filled sayings up in our home is meaningful to our faith.  If you have an inspirational saying that is important to you, I’m sure you could find it somewhere and place it on your walls.  I believe we need to remember what matters to us. These reminders are important for us in our spiritual growth.


5. You can also do a mural of your child’s name and place it in their bedroom.

6. I also redid my child’s playroom with these murals below.  They were easy to put up, and it was much easier than painting the room at the time.

7.  I found this hello decal as well, and thought it was a nice way to welcome guests. It took under a minute to set up.  Sometimes, it is the little changes that make a huge difference in a home.

What murals or wall decals are you thinking of putting up in your home?

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