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A Longwood Christmas

Get inspired

Do you need to get inspired for the Christmas season or lift your holiday spirits?

Each year, we travel to Kennett Square outside of Philadelphia to visit A Longwood Christmas. The trees outside are all lit up, there is often a breathtaking tablescape, and the fountain display is just as magical as the music plays during the light show display. Everything is so beautiful inside as well, and the trees are all decorated in a unique and beautiful way which shouts, “Christmas is here!”. Talk about the most amazing decorating ever for Christmas!! You will be inspired to go home and decorate your home after visiting! Want to see A Longwood Christmas? Here are some tips to make your trip worthwhile.

1. Book your timed ticket reservation around or before Thanksgiving. They do sell out quickly. Be sure to book your 1906 restaurant reservation as well so it’s all planned out in advance.

2. I’ve gone around 2-3 times to Longwood each year since my son was a baby. I recommend that you visit around 11:00 or so and walk for around 2 or so hours, but then schedule a break in walking. Our break is a late lunch at their 1906 restaurant! I highly recommend that you do a late lunch at their 1906 Restaurant so you have a break from walking and can enjoy their amazing food. They give you potted bread to start with in a flower pot, and we enjoy ending our meal with their macarons and chocolates that arrive in a cute wood box! I always get their mushroom soup. Their menu is amazing!

3. I’ve found that it can often rain or snow when there so dress warmly in winter clothing and warm hats. It’s also been very windy at times, so bring a larger umbrella.  Definitely wear your most comfortable shoes since there is a lot of walking. Even if the weather is rainy, there is plenty of inside displays to see! There are mobility scooters to help if you are having trouble walking. Bring your stroller if you have small children who may need a break from walking or wear your Ergo. I’ve done both when there when was son was younger. Use the bathroom down the stairs from the 1906 Restaurant. It’s less crowded, and there is a baby changing station there too.

4. They are also building a new section of the conservatory which will be gorgeous. Some parts are under construction. This won’t affect your visit. There is plenty of parking. Park to the far left facing the building so you can leave more smoothly. There are lots of photo opportunities in various parts of the gardens or inside, so bring your camera and have fun taking photos.

5. There are plenty of outdoor and indoor concerts at the gardens. Most fill up very quickly, so if you want to plan to attend a concert, plan over 5 months ahead for those events. Their indoor pipe organ is on display, and there is a showcase on it. Check this out as well!

6. Invite your family to the gardens. There is also an indoor children’s garden to walk around in with small passageways which make it feel like a secret garden. I loved that book growing up.

It’s definitely a place to build memories. I’ve enjoyed visiting the gardens in the summer, spring, and fall as well. We recently also saw the light installation there with the fall leaves on their Italian lake. There are numerous ponds, a bell tower to go inside of, a waterfall, and a huge fountain display among other things. So much to see!

Let me know if you end up visiting and what you think!

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