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Spring Tablescapes and Easter Candy Centerpieces

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittensBrown paper packages tied up with stringsThese are a few of my favorite things”

-Oscar Hammerstein/Richard Rodgers

What are a few of your favorite things this spring? Some of my favorite things I am trying out this spring are gorgeous spring tablescapes, hanging centerpieces, Easter candy centerpieces, and playful floral drinks.

Try a Hanging Centerpiece

So you want to try a hanging centerpiece? I have no floral background just an open mind for trying new creative ideas, so don’t feel overwhelmed by this concept.  I think the idea of a hanging centerpiece can feel a little strange when not seen in the context of a wedding, but why not make it more common in our homes? If you like to create or host, I think this is something that is worth exploring more and trying out!

This is my first try with these.  I found some flower garlands at Hobby Lobby that I thought would look well with my existing tablescape.  I just wanted to get it up there and make it simple, so I used string to tie them to the bottom of my light. This was a simple one. Definitely try it and let me know how it goes. I use the battery operated candles, so I can create a romantic mood around the flowers without any chance for a fire. I linked the ones I used below in case you are interested in trying those out.

I will continue to experiment with these and share more as time goes on.  Feel free to follow me on Instagram for more tablescape ideas!

Experiment with Easter Candy Centerpieces

What is your favorite Easter candy? I decided I would try out these Easter candy centerpieces. I purchased a larger and smaller hurricane glass vase at Target. They were a lot of fun to do!

For my first Easter candy centerpiece, I used colorful bright jelly beans, yellow peeps, and various shades of pink for my flowers.  My family stared at this centerpiece, hoping they could eat all of these jelly beans!  I quickly took it apart a week later so we could enjoy the jelly beans.  This candy centerpiece makes you hungry! You will have lots of extra Easter candy after doing this centerpiece. For my second one, I will add varying heights of flowers!

The second candy centerpiece I tried out was using pastel jelly beans, birthday cake bird peeps, and marshmallow bunnies.  This time I brought in pastel yellow and sea green flowers to match my island. I also incorporated varying heights of flowers. This candy centerpiece felt more elegant and soft. For the next one, I will try adding in some chocolate bunnies!

For my final Easter candy centerpiece idea, I decided to try out some shades of purple with white blooms. This felt right as I was looking through flowers at Hobby Lobby. I found these chocolate bunnies and purple peeps; however, I discovered that there aren’t many purple jelly beans in those jelly bean packages! I must have went through 6 packages of jelly beans just to get the purple I found here. Next time, I will definitely have to order the Jelly Belly purple jelly beans from Amazon instead of digging through the traditional jelly beans from the store. Lesson learned!

If you are going to try out these candy centerpieces, keep the bunny or bird peeps toward the top since they tend to get squished by the other candy. Also, it may be best to just order the candy you want on Amazon since the Easter candy seems to always be picked over at the stores. I was able to get most of my flowers half off at Hobby Lobby! Definitely keep an eye out for when Michaels or Hobby Lobby are having their sale on flowers.

Try a Floral Drink

These rose molds look beautiful, and they will work great for any hosting you will be doing this spring.  I created a video on how to make these rose molds on my Instagram page in case you need step by step directions.  You will want to make sure that you fill the rose mold completely using a funnel before freezing.  I used strawberry lemonade which my son loved! You can float these rose beauties in Sprite, pineapple juice, or whatever you want! I’ll link them below if you want to try them out.

Create a Beautiful Spring Tablescape

There are so many gorgeous and creative tablescapes, and I appreciate all of them.  Here is my latest spring tablescape that uses white daffodils, candles, some Easter bunnies, and a mix of white, purple, and yellow flowers. I can’t get over these faux flowers which are so breathtaking. I also appreciate how these candles are battery operated and look realistic.

Make Conversations a Priority

Conversations around beautiful tablescapes? Yes, please!

Tablescapes can be so beautiful; however, when setting up our tablescapes, lets not forget about scheduling intentional conversations with those we love. At Getting Creative With Carolyn, we can create beautiful tablescapes, but they won’t mean anything without meaningful conversation around the table.  Unfortunately, it is so easy to overschedule our lives until we don’t have those conversations. We blame it on our activities and schedules. It doesn’t have to be this way. Carve out time to talk to your loved ones around those beautiful tables you decorated.

Let me help you.  These conversation cards have been used for years now around our table.  Sometimes, we just don’t know what to talk about it.  I like how these cards are broken up into 6 colored categories with more than enough questions to last you years and years: Hopes and Dreams, Reflection, Emotional Intelligence, Likes/Dislikes, Self-Expression, and Random. I especially appreciate the emotional intelligence category. You can create this intentional time.  Let it be one of your favorite things.

What new decorating ideas are you trying out this spring in your home? I’d love to hear from you and see your spring decor ideas.  Happy decorating!

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  1. Just beautiful! I’d love to sit at this Easter table 🙂 I never thought of hanging florals like that!