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An Easter Spring Greeting

Hello friends! There is something so special about all the pastels at Easter that I just love. There are so many gorgeous spring flowers to plant, and I love filling my garden with hyacinths, daffodils, and tulips of all colors. I fill my garden with yellow, purple, pink, red, and white spring flowers.  I just can’t get enough flowers in the spring.  One of my favorite places to be in the spring is in a garden store picking out more spring flowers!

How are you greeting your neighbors and family this Easter? It can be difficult getting into the Easter spirit when it is still cold and rainy outside. I’m an inpatient gardener, and I want to see color right away. It can be a very long winter where I live, so I ended up purchasing some artificial flowers to do two flower displays. Yes, you can bring spring to your porch and neighborhood before the flowers bloom! Here is what I tried this spring for my Easter porch decorations.

Easter Porch Display

I want to tell you this is easier than it looks, and you can easily find flowers which are 50 percent off. This will be affordable and fun to do on a rainy day! Hop on over to Hobby Lobby or Michaels when they have their flowers half off, and try this! These are easy porch flower displays that anyone can do. Just grab a pot you already have, fill it with rocks to hold it down, fill it with green foam, and then arrange it with the flowers that you love for a festive spring flower arrangement.  Also, don’t forget to put more rocks on top of the foam after your flowers are placed into the arrangement.  This will keep your flowers stable and give it a more natural look. It will brighten your spirit and those that pass by your home or visit during the early spring months.

I would recommend that you really fill these planters with large rocks so that when your April showers and gusty winds come, they won’t go anywhere! I have never done an artificial flower arrangement on my porch before, but so far they have held up in the high wind with no issues. I haven’t lost any of my flowers yet either!

This is a win, and I will definitely try other flower arrangements on my porch as the seasons change. I also found these foam eggs at Michaels for a garland going around the doorway, and I appreciate how they don’t make a banging noise in the wind since they are made of foam. Whatever garland you choose, make sure it is not going to make too much noise when the wind gusts come. Use foam over plastic or wood!

Easter Bunny Crossing Activity

Next, spread more Easter cheer to your neighbors by trying out this fun Easter bunny crossing activity. I’ll attach the free printables I used  as well as the silly Easter jokes. I put an announcement out to our community so they knew what to expect with the directions as well.

I found my Easter bin at Hobby Lobby then filled it with artificial grass on the bottom, an Easter crossing sign, ladders, carrots, eggs, and the bunny paw prints. I put the directions inside of the bunny bag. The only issue I had was that the paw prints kept blowing away on the porch steps, so I put rocks on top of them. Overall, I think it was a special activity for the kids in the neighborhood and built more community among the families. Enjoy!

You’ve Been Egged Printables

Silly Easter Jokes

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